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Two brains are better then one especially when their both cutting edge electronic music producers. Modkre and DJ Rad Rod have been mashing out large amounts of dubs and remixes well maintaining a heavy presence in the Ohio EDM community. Conquest is excited about these two and there Old Skool Jungle style.

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SoundCloud: 2Brainz | Conquest Recordings


45 Thieves

Producer/DJ/Musician/Visual Artist

Some DJs want to be stars, some DJs want to rock the party but a few DJ’s seek to change your very perception of the world. 45Thieves has been a major player in the Junglist Movement since its conception in the nineties. Selecta, Producer, Visual Artist, Musician Victor Paul of the 45Thieves does them all. 45Thieves records have found there way into some of most cutting edge DJ’s crates. From DJ Swamp, Craze, Z-Trip to countless Junglist world wide. 45Thieves sets very form intimate Reggae, blazing Jungle to full live band mayhem! You never know what to expect from Bangkok’s original Junglist but one thing for sure it will be heavy! Junglist No Surender Junglist No Retreat!!!

Facebook: 45 Thieves on Facebook

SoundCloud: 45 Thieves | Conquest Recordings

DJ Amnesty


Drum & Bass DJ/Producer

Originally hailing from South London, UK, Amnesty has been instrumental in the rising of DnB throughout South East Asia over the past 10 years. Amnesty carved his career at the early age of 13 and founded the success pirate radio station, KODE FM during the late 90s.

Currently based in Thailand, Amnesty continues to do what he loves and plays at some of the best DnB venues throughout Bangkok as well as holding a resident slot on the worldwide drum and bass radio station, More recently, Amnesty has used his knowledge and understanding of the industry and applied it to producing – there are no limits to the talents of this DJ-come-producer and 2011/12 looks to be a very prolific year for Amnesty.

Website: Dj Amnesty

Ben C



“Fueled by a passion for expanding his knowledge of music in all forms, BenC has developed his craft through many genres and movements. Expanding beyond his early origins of techno, house and trance, BenC was compelled to push beyond the standard electronic music offering he saw around him. Having worked with many different artists, his experience led him to produce anything from hiphop and glitch, through to psytrance, hitech, ambient, and even as far as some orchestral pieces. His sounds is broad and diverse, his style unique. Expect a surprise across all of the genres he is pushing.”



Dub & Reggae DJ/Producer/Musician

Dr. Dapookster is one of Thailand founding fathers of the Rasta Reggae movement. This triple threat has been a key member of some of Thailand’s most influential Thai Reggae and Ska bands. From bass heavy DJ sets to amazing improvisation jams on the guitar and keys this producer is making big waves.

DJ What The Bleep

DJ What The Bleep


DJ What The Bleep has started a Jungle Revolution. Fast becoming one of the US most sought after Jungle and DNB DJs, Bleeps skills can’t be held back. His Konkrete Jungle Bowling Green and Electronic Enlightenment events have the Midwest begging for more. He also host a weekly radio show “Selection of a Soldier” on

DJ What The Bleep is Artist to keep an eye on and a force to be reckoned with.





Kontest’s tracks get people on to the dance floor it’s that simple. With his signature blend of Old School Jungle and modern breaks Kontest’s tunes murda sound systems worldwide. His powerful bass heavy Ragga fueled tracks can be heard on the Conquest Recordings, Toxic Records plus many more. Keeping with the true Riddim driven music of Jamaica this Paris based Selecta / Producer is one to keep an eye on. Rewind and watch the place explode!

Mr Zodiac

Mr. Zodiac


Mr. Zodiac, a Belgian Drum and Bass DJ/Producer, coming from the land which brought us Netsky. Growing up experimenting with loads of musical genres and sounds he got stuck with the Drum and Bass vibe. The past few years he is producing his own tunes and hosting his own radio show called “Liquid Bass”. Supported by DJ Amnesty, Micken and the ever growing Bassdrive community, he was spotted on the DNB Radar. His music can be described as funky, groovy & body shakin’ Drum and Bass with the now and then dark or liquid touch.

Loads more coming up in the future, so keep an eye open for this newly discovered production talent.


NJ Henessy



Skuph / Shottie Professional


Skuph (also known as Tom) started his recording career young around 14 or 15 years old running Unit-E with now well known UK acts Sensa and ESP, back then he was working alongside a young B-Complex and deciBel on several early projects – it was as a MC he made his first live appearances on Lowdown events and in the south west Uk where he was born, helping promote such acts as Mampi Swift, Pendulum, Andy C and Interface in the Bristol, Bath, Somerset and Cornwall areas of the UK with Cybin and Lockdown Recordings.

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On the radio he was supporting DJ Lapz on Kunninmindz and Hiddnimg on Subbass FM. Skuph featured on several releases by dutch jump up producer Izah during this time, and played at festivals in the south west UK with the collective Unit-E. “I called myself Shottie Professional because at this time I would just drive around shotting an I didnt heave on nothing but a shottie bot as any southerner will be accustomed too, so I wanted to use that along with my name Skuph that is a pure type of extraction, that you used to get in the good old days of a Amsterdam circa 2000″ To raise funds he created several sample packs for Loopmasters and won awards with the pack “Jungle Ammunition”. His first solo production releases where under the name Shottie Professional; and appeared on Allergic Reaction records and Lockdown recordings, where he still collaborates with Glastonbury based Cybin to this day. Most recently on the Departure EP receiving support from Kenny Ken, Nicky Blackmarket and A-Sides to name a few. “Cybin was an incredible mentor to me, he took me under his wing in Lockdown and taught me the ropes. I was coming from a Logic home DAW and moved into his Cubase setup. I learned alot of methods from the hardware days because of Ben’s (Cybin) long history in the game and my production came forward hugely during these times” Playing regularly at Club nights in Taunton, Yeovil and Exeter. Skuph kept Mcing events and working on productions from his home studio, upgrading equipment as he could. He released on Allergic Reaction Records during this time. During 2011 Skuph fully relocated to Thailand. He had been visiting regularly for several years and decided to make a new event and label, and go for it in South East Asia. During this time he has promoted a monthly jungle and reggae event for 2 and a half years ‘Irie Beatz’ where he supported alongside Conquest Recordings signings Amnesty and label boss 45 Thieves. On Conquest Recordings so far, Skuph released a vinyl in 2012 with 45 Thieves and Little Harry, and has been providing dubplate remixes of Conquest tracks with NJ Henessy. He created a collective with Nu-Vibe signin JFK and his god son Fatconnectionz entitled 3Lionz, during this time he was approached by Fireball recordings in Kingston, Jamaica to be a Asian manager for Suga Roy & The fireball crew and started to work on mastering their productions. To the future, 2015 looks like the first ever jungle festivals will kick off in Thailand with Run Tingz cru and many other names coming through. With his weekly radio shows “The Rinse Out with Skuph & Special Guests” on Bassport and resident breakfast show “Wake & Bake” and monthly thursday night time slots on RageFM in the UK, you can tune into hear skuph often live or on his archives on his mixcloud page. “My intentions is to spread good, wholesome music and uplift the vibes with conscious effort, I hope you enjoy the sound and have a good rinse out that leaves u inspired and energized ready for more” Skuph aka Shottie Professional.


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