About Conquest Recordings


Conquest Recordings

Founded in the late 90′s by husband and wife team Catt and Victor, Conquest Recordings (originally Conquest and Conquest Records) was the result of a substantial gamble from a small time record shop in Ohio into an international fully functioning label. The first record, The Lion Sleeps, became an instant overnight ragga jungle anthem demanding multiple pressings– and from then, Conquest Recordings was born.

The label moved to Thailand years later and its following began to build momentum around the globe – with Conquest Recordings’ tracks finding their way onto the turntables of world class DJs as well as DMC Scratch champions such as Craze and Swamp.

Several tracks followed this initial success such as War Pigs and Green Murda, which attracted interest from DNB DJs, Metal Heads and Turntablist and gained praise from Warp Records commenting: “45Thieves’ Warpigs Remix even made War sound cool”.

More recently the label has branched out and worked with Jamaican and European artists to push forward its vision of a Danceable Intelligent Jungle sound. Collaborations with London-born DJ Amnesty have been climbing the Dubplate charts as well as tunes with renowned Jamaican dancehall star, Jigsy King.

For 2012, Conquest Recordings is looking forward into multiple digital and vinyl release and to this day, its mission statement has never changed and still stands strong – Junglist No Surrender, Junglist No Retreat!!!